Welcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu Ecosystems We Are Back Again!

Welcome to Morty Inu (MINU) We're proud to introduce Morty Inu (MINU), a one-of-a-kind presence in the meme token world. Our ecosystem is teeming with innovation, featuring exciting elements such as Super Staking and the immersive NFT game, MortoLand. Why Choose Morty Inu (MINU)? Joining Morty Inu (MINU) is the intelligent choice for crypto enthusiasts. By participating in our Airdrop, you're not just gaining access to MINU tokens; you're opting for a more profitable route compared to purchasing them on PancakeSwap. Take advantage of our limited pre-sale with a total of 600 million MINU tokens available. Following the pre-sale, the official MINU token price will be set at a mere $0.01. Join the Morty Inu Movement Don't miss out on the opportunity to become part of the Morty Inu movement. Experience firsthand the revolution happening in the world of meme tokens. Secure your spot today!

Welcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu Ecosystems

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Decentralised Ecosystem Morty Inu

About Token Morty Inu

A Word From President Morty

Dear Morty Inu Community,

I'm thrilled to address you today as we continue our journey together in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Morty Inu (MINU) was born out of a vision to bring innovation, excitement, and opportunities to crypto enthusiasts, and I want to take a moment to share our commitment and values with you.

At Morty Inu, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that not only introduces groundbreaking features like Super Staking and immersive NFT gaming with MortoLand but also fosters a vibrant and engaged community.
We understand the importance of community-driven development. Your input, feedback, and passion are the driving forces behind our projects. With your support, we aim to continually improve and expand our offerings, ensuring that Morty Inu remains at the forefront of innovation.
Our token, MINU, is not just a digital asset; it represents a shared journey. It's about empowerment, exploration, and growth. Whether you're staking MINU, collecting NFTs in MortoLand, or participating in the Morty Club CosmoLaunch, we want you to feel the excitement and potential that comes with being part of the Morty Inu movement.
As President Morty, I assure you that we are dedicated to transparency, security, and the long-term success of Morty Inu and its community. We're here to support you every step of the way, providing the tools and opportunities to help you achieve your crypto goals.
Thank you for choosing Morty Inu. Together, we will continue to shape the future of meme tokens and blockchain innovation. Buckle up, because the journey is just beginning, and the best is yet to come.


Morty Land The Ultimate NFT Collection Mint

(Coming Soon!)

MortoLand is poised to become the ultimate NFT collection within the Morty Inu (MINU) ecosystem, offering a captivating blend of creativity and blockchain technology. Currently in active development, MortoLand promises to redefine the way NFT enthusiasts and MINU token holders engage with digital collectibles.

Unique and Diverse NFTs: MortoLand will feature a carefully curated collection of unique and diverse non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each with its own distinctive character and artistic value.
Immersive Gaming Integration: These NFTs will not just be static digital art; they will have immersive gaming integration, allowing players to utilize them within the MortoLand gaming experience.
Rarity and Utility: MortoLand NFTs will come in varying levels of rarity, making them highly sought after by collectors. Additionally, they may possess in-game utilities or attributes, adding depth to their value.
Community Engagement: MortoLand is driven by community involvement, and user feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping the NFT collection and its associated features.
Secure Ownership: NFTs on MortoLand will be securely owned on the blockchain, ensuring that collectors have full control and ownership of their digital assets.
As we diligently work on bringing MortoLand to life, we invite you to stay tuned for updates and announcements. Be prepared to embark on an exciting journey into the world of NFTs, where art, technology, and community converge to create an unparalleled NFT collection. Join us in exploring MortoLand, the best NFT collection for you, within the Morty Inu ecosystem!

Decentralised Ecosystem Morty Inu

Pharaoh Gambling:
Coming Soon!

About Pharaoh Gambling:

Pharaoh Gambling is an exciting addition to the Morty Inu (MINU) ecosystem, currently in active development and set to launch in the near future. This innovative decentralized gaming platform is designed to offer a unique and thrilling gambling experience to crypto enthusiasts and MINU token holders.

Decentralized Gaming: Pharaoh Gambling will provide a fully decentralized gaming platform, ensuring fairness and transparency for all participants.
Diverse Token Selection: Players will have the opportunity to wager and play with a variety of popular tokens, and the Morty token will be prominently featured as a gaming asset.
Provably Fair: The platform will implement provably fair algorithms to guarantee the integrity of each game, assuring players that outcomes are genuinely random and unbiased.
Secure and Anonymized: Pharaoh Gambling will prioritize user security and privacy, ensuring that participants can enjoy the games with confidence.
Community-Driven: As part of the Morty Inu ecosystem, Pharaoh Gambling will be community-driven, taking into account user feedback and suggestions to continually improve the gaming experience.
Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to launch Pharaoh Gambling, where you can try your luck, have fun, and potentially win big with MINU tokens and other cryptocurrencies. Join us in this exciting venture as we bring decentralized gaming to the Morty Inu community!


Ecosystem Morty Inu

Super Staking (MINU Staking)

Morty Inu offers a Super Staking feature, allowing token holders to earn rewards by staking their MINU tokens. This provides an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to grow their holdings passively while supporting the Morty Inu ecosystem.

Burn MINU token

Burning MINU tokens refers to the process of permanently removing a portion of the MINU token supply from circulation. This can increase the scarcity of the token and potentially drive its value higher over time. The burning mechanism is a common practice in cryptocurrency projects to create deflationary pressure.

NFT Collection (MortyLand)

MortoLand is an immersive NFT game within the Morty Inu ecosystem. It features a unique and diverse collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that players can acquire, trade, and use within the game. These NFTs may have various in-game utilities and rarity levels, creating an engaging and dynamic gaming experience.

Club MortyLand in Decentraland

Club MortyLand is a virtual club or building located in the Decentraland metaverse. It is an exclusive space owned by Morty Inu where users can gather, socialize, and potentially host events. This presence in Decentraland adds an extra layer of engagement and interaction within the Morty Inu community.

MINU Wallet

The MINU Wallet is a secure digital wallet designed to store and manage MINU tokens and other cryptocurrencies. It offers convenience and security for users to hold and transfer their tokens within the Morty Inu ecosystem.

Morty Club CosmoLaunch

Morty Club CosmoLaunch serves as a launchpad protocol designed for everyone. It provides a suite of tools and services for token sales, making it easier for projects to launch their tokens in a decentralized manner. It aims to support a growing protocol ecosystem, fostering innovation within the Morty Inu community.

Pharaoh Gambling

Pharaoh Gambling is a fully decentralized gaming platform within the Morty Inu ecosystem. It offers a range of popular tokens for gambling, and Morty token is included as a gaming token. Users can participate in various games and activities, including wagering and potentially winning tokens.

Info Block Token Morty Ino

Liquidity redistribution of the core ecosystem

First burn after first run Token MI

10 Million Token MINU

After the end of the pre-sale

5 Million Token MINU

Initial Listing of Pancakeswap

20 Million Token MINU


Launch of the MINU Token Pre-Sale

Part 1
Creation of a dedicated Pre-Sale page with detailed information about the token, its characteristics and the Pre-Sale process.
Part 2
Triggering a countdown on the page to build anticipation and encourage engagement early on.
Part 3
Involvement of a third party audit firm to check the smart contract for security and transparency.
Part 4
Conducting a comprehensive marketing campaign, including partnerships with crypto influencers and community-driven initiatives, all promoted through the Pre-Sale page.
Part 5
The pre-sale will have 4 stages, but may end early if all 600,000,000 tokens are sold early, including the possible completion of the first stage of the pre-sale.

MINU Token Airdrop

Part 6
Airdrop company announcement with clear criteria and instructions for participation.
Part 7
Creating captivating content and visuals on the page to promote the Airdrop campaign on various social platforms.
Part 8
Formation of a dedicated help desk to handle queries and assist members during Airdrop distribution, with contact information provided on the page.
Part 9
Allocation of a portion of MINU tokens to page referral rewards to incentivize community members to invite new members, with page referral link generator.
Part 10
Monitor and analyze on-page Airdrop metrics to evaluate campaign performance and reach.

Listing MINU Token on Exchanges

Part 11
We are requesting the inclusion of the MI token on CoinMarketCap, one of the largest cryptocurrency aggregators and market tracking resources.
Part 12
We are intensifying efforts to list the MI token on PancakeSwap to provide members with easy access to buy and trade our token.
Part 13
We are committed to taking steps to ensure the long-term sustainability and safety of our Morty Inu (MI) project. In this context, we plan to lock up the liquidity of our MI token for the long term.
Part 14
We are pleased to announce an upcoming logo update for our Trust Jack Wallet. The new logo was designed to improve visual identity and create a more modern and recognizable brand for our users.
Part 15
Планируем проводить регулярные обновления и апгрейды, чтобы обеспечивать долгосрочную устойчивость и рост Morty Inu и его токена MI.

MINU wallet development

Part 16
Start of development of MINU wallet with multi-platform compatibility (web, mobile and desktop versions) with updates on the page.
Part 17
Implementing strong security measures on the page, including cold storage and two-factor authentication options, with an explanation of the user interface and functionality.
Part 18
Continued publication of information about the development of MINU Wallet through blogs and news sections on the page.
Part 19
Start of closed beta testing with selected members of the community gathering feedback to improve the interface and functionality of the wallet.
Part 20
We plan to introduce additional features and integrations to ensure our users' needs are met and provide them with the means to securely store and manage their MINU tokens and other assets.

Community Engagement

Part 21
Including links to Morty Inu's official social media channels on the page, Twitter, Telegram, Medium Youtube and Reddit.
Part 22
Organization of weekly AMA sessions for the community with the project team with announcements and event details on the page.
Part 23
Launching an on-page referral bonus program to encourage existing members of the community to invite new members and providing a referral link generator.
Part 24
Hosting community contests on the page to encourage community participation and engagement, with forms and guidelines for entry.
Part 25
Creation and publication of educational content, such as articles, videos and guides on Morty Inu and blockchain technology topics, with access to them through the page.

Start of development of NFT collection

Part 26
Including a dedicated section on the page to introduce MortoLand, an exciting NFT game in the Morty Inu ecosystem.
Part 27
Display concept art and teaser images of NFT MortoLand on the page to create interest and excitement.
Part 28
Newsletter subscription offer on the page for users interested in receiving updates and notifications about the development of MortoLand.
Part 29
Providing a link on the page to participate in closed alpha and beta testing of MortoLand as they become available.
Part 30
Continue updating the page with news and achievements in the development of MortoLand.

Conceptualization of Pharaoh Gambling

Part 31
The page provides a detailed concept and white paper for the Pharaoh Gambling project, highlighting its key features and game mechanics.
Part 32
We focus on our commitment to responsible gambling and fair rules.

Morty Club CosmoLaunch

Part 33
We will be presenting the public launch of Morty Club CosmoLaunch, inviting projects wishing to use our tools to launch their tokens.
Part 34
We will develop unique features and improvements to make the token launch process as decentralized and simple as possible.
Part 35
Let's launch our own platform for conducting the first token sales to demonstrate the capabilities of CosmoLaunch.
Part 36
We will actively integrate additional tools and services into Morty Club CosmoLaunch to enrich our user experience.
Part 37
To develop functionality, allowing projects to create their own token sale campaigns and conduct them with ease and security.
Part 38
We will provide support for projects that choose Morty Club CosmoLaunch to launch their tokens, providing them with advice and assistance at every stage.
Part 39
We plan to expand the ecosystem by attracting new developers and partners to drive innovation and growth.
Part 40
We will implement a token burn mechanism to ensure long-term stability and reduce the overall supply of MINU tokens, which in turn can increase the value of the MINU token for long-term holders.

The application will be available on the app store and play market.

Crypto enthusiasts, get ready! Our team is launching a secure, decentralized mobile app for both iOS and Android. Store your crypto with confidence and earn daily interest. Explore and buy NFTs from our Morty Land collection. Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.


Instruction Morty Inu

Instructions for purchasing the Meme token Morty Inu


How to Buy MINU Tokens with MetaMask

To acquire MINU tokens using MetaMask, start by registering with this decentralized wallet. Next, visit the PancakeSwap platform and establish a connection through your MetaMask account. Once on the PancakeSwap page, select the Binance Coin (BNB) for the exchange, and MINU tokens. Finally, initiate the exchange process to convert your BNB tokens into MINU tokens seamlessly.


Purchasing MINU Tokens via TrustWallet

Utilize TrustWallet to obtain MINU tokens effortlessly. Begin by creating a TrustWallet decentralized wallet account. Following this, download the TrustWallet decentralized browser and navigate to the PancakeSwap platform using the provided link. Within the TrustWallet browser, opt for the Binance Coin (BNB) and MINU tokens for your exchange. Finalize your transaction by swapping your BNB tokens for MINU tokens.


Guaranteed Liquidity on PancakeSwap

Feel secure when trading and investing on PancakeSwap, as we have committed to locking liquidity within the platform. This precautionary measure ensures the safety of your assets by preventing the removal of liquidity from our project.


MI Token Burning Strategy

Discover our strategic token burning plan, designed to enhance MINU token scarcity and value. This includes the initial token burn scheduled after the MINU token launch and additional burns upon listing, contributing to the long-term growth and stability of our token.




Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Answer: You can acquire MINU Tokens through our pre-sale page. First, visit the dedicated pre-sale page on our website. Then, connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform. Select the desired amount of MINU Tokens you wish to purchase, and complete the transaction using BNB.

Answer: To obtain MI Tokens via TrustWallet, begin by creating a TrustWallet decentralized wallet account. Next, download the TrustWallet decentralized browser and navigate to our pre-sale page. Once on the page, choose BNB and MI Tokens for your exchange, and finalize the transaction to acquire MI Tokens.

Answer: Yes, your investment during the pre-sale is secure. We have implemented robust security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of the pre-sale purchase process, providing peace of mind to our investors.

Answer: Morty Inu’s token burning strategy is designed to enhance token scarcity and value. It includes scheduled token burns, starting with the initial burn following the token’s launch. Additional burns are part of our strategic plan to increase the value of MI Tokens over time.

Answer: The first token burn for MI Tokens is scheduled to take place after the token’s initial launch and the conclusion of the pre-sale. This strategic burn is part of our commitment to enhancing token value.

Answer: Participation in Morty Club CosmoLaunch is open to all projects. For detailed information on how to join, please contact our team. We are here to assist and guide you through the process.

Answer: MINU Wallet is a secure and user-friendly platform that allows you to store cryptocurrencies safely. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to earn daily interest on your holdings and manage NFTs from the Morty Land collection, providing a comprehensive crypto management experience.

Answer: Stay updated for official announcements regarding the listing of MI Tokens on various cryptocurrency exchanges. We will provide details on the listing dates as they become available.

Answer: To stay informed about the latest MI Token updates and news, follow our official social media channels and regularly visit our website. We regularly post updates and news to keep the community informed.

Answer: You can join the Morty Inu community by participating in our ecosystem. This includes participating in the pre-sale to acquire MI Tokens, exploring our NFT collections, and staying engaged with our projects and initiatives. We welcome you to be an active part of our growing community.


Social Networks

Team Morty

In this section, contacts of our team.

The Project President

Blockchain developer and founder of the MORTY INU.

Pablo Johnson

Backend developer. Developer of the main website and other branches of the ecosystem.

Marketing and Advertising

MORTY INU Marketer. Responsible for aggressive social media marketing.

Project Designer

Morti Inu project designer. Responsible for the quality of graphic and video objects.

News the Morty Inu ecosystem

News Coming soon...

General Partners


Mail marketing

Official business mail

MortyLand is Morty Inu’s innovative NFT collection and immersive gaming platform. Dive into a world of unique and exclusive NFTs, and explore the exciting NFT-based game, MortoLand. It’s your opportunity to own exclusive digital assets and experience a new dimension of entertainment within the Morty Inu ecosystem.

Morty Inu introduces Super Staking, a feature designed to maximize rewards for MINU token holders. With Super Staking, you can earn additional tokens by simply holding MINU tokens in your wallet. This feature enhances the value proposition of MINU tokens, providing benefits to long-term supporters of the project.