Important Note: Participation in the Token Sale

We strongly encourage potential buyers or investors to conduct thorough research and due diligence before participating in the token sale. It is extremely important to understand that participation in a token sale cannot guarantee the acquisition of a valuable or usable token. The value of deposits made is subject to potential partial or total loss of investment.

Property and rights

Ownership of Morty Inu tokens does not grant the user any rights associated with Morty Inu, the corporation or its affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to, ownership rights, interest, profit sharing, redemption, ownership, intellectual property, decision-making rights, or any other financial or legal rights. Morty Inu tokens are primarily intended to govern protocols and ecosystems and are completely distinct from the company and its subsidiaries.

Functional utility tokens

The Morty Inu Protocol operates as a full-featured network using Morty Inu tokens as functional utility tokens. It is important to note that these tokens are not considered securities. Additionally, tokens purchased using BNB (Binance Coin) are non-refundable. Morty Inu Tokens are not intended for speculative purposes. Morty Inu makes no guarantees regarding future success or value, including intrinsic value, ongoing payments, or specific token value. These tokens do not represent ownership in the company.

Use of funds

Morty Inu tokens are sold as functional goods, and all funds earned by companies are available for spending without restrictions. It is important to clarify that Morty Inu is not an affiliate or subsidiary of the production of the Rik and Morty animated series. The token was created independently by individuals with the goal of creating excitement and creating a next generation meme token.

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Official business mail  business@mortyinu.net

MortyLand is Morty Inu’s innovative NFT collection and immersive gaming platform. Dive into a world of unique and exclusive NFTs, and explore the exciting NFT-based game, MortoLand. It’s your opportunity to own exclusive digital assets and experience a new dimension of entertainment within the Morty Inu ecosystem.

Morty Inu introduces Super Staking, a feature designed to maximize rewards for MINU token holders. With Super Staking, you can earn additional tokens by simply holding MINU tokens in your wallet. This feature enhances the value proposition of MINU tokens, providing benefits to long-term supporters of the project.