Welcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu Ecosystems Morty are people too...

This meme token is individual, and completely different from its colleagues in the shop. After all, the token has developed a currently unique auto-burning function, which allows you to maintain the liquidity of the token, as well as protect our investors from loss of income. With each transaction, the total amount of tokens in liquidity is burned, thereby providing an increase in the price of the token, thereby preserving the investment of our investors.
AirDrop will be held in 3 stages, for a more efficient sale of the token.
Stage 1 AirDrop will end on October 26, 2022.
To participate in the AirDrop, please click the Claim AirDrop button, you can also purchase tokens in PancakeSwap, but purchasing them in AirDrop is much more profitable, after all, due to the pre-sale, tokens in AirDrop are much cheaper.

Welcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu EcosystemsWelcome to the Meme Token Morty Inu Ecosystems

Staking is coming soon. Get 6.66% Morty Inu every day.

Soon we will launch MORTY staking. The project will start on September 12. My friends, we live in a great, but sometimes unfair world, and failures happen to everyone. But our team never gives up and now we are motivated to work x10 harder. This means that soon we will be launching one of the main child tools of Morty Inu, stacking. In this staking you can get 6.6% daily from 1 deposit, but you can also get x3 tokens if you invite your friend to the project, our team is trying harder and harder for you every day, and we really count on your support...

Pharaon Gambling. Launching soon...

Dear friends, we have very good news for you, despite all the hardships, our team, together with our colleagues in the DUSD NETWORK workshop, will soon 🤯🤯🤯🤯 launch one of the best decentralized casinos in the world. We have tried very hard to team up with an excellent development team in DUSD. The project promises to be truly brilliant, because it is not in vain that 2 sensational tokens have united))))

8% Liquidity

Listing Soon

Listing Soon

Liquidity Locked


Decentralised Ecosystem Morty Inu

About Token Morty Inu

A Word From President Morty

Hi I'm Morty
A new decentralized meme Token, with a unique and the only Auto-Burn function in the world

I, President Morty, have come into this world to fulfill my mission, to overthrow all the weak and obsolete meme Tokens from the top of CoinMarketCap, and create a new top of the power of the crypto world.
Thanks to the innovative development "Auto Burn Tokens"
MortyCoin will easily enter the top CoinMarketCap in order to bring justice to obsolete and weak meme-Tokens.
Now, the perfect moment to make a toast with cold-blooded notes, we are talking about memes, about meme coins, about crypto currency, but this is the lot of agitators, it's time to act.


Morty Land

Best NFT collection for you

Buy unique and unique NFTs with President Morty as the main character, as well as the best NFT images with Mortys in the whole world

Best NFT with Morty
Earn up to 10% daily from the purchase of NFT
Participation in the coolest and potentially the main NFT project


Ecosystem Morty Inu

Morty Swap

Morty Swap is a decentralized project of Morty Eno.
Here you can create your liquidity for projects, and immediately block it. There is also Morty Farming in the project, where people can invest crypto and receive daily income. The Swap system is also present in the project, people will be able to exchange their crypto for any other token.

Morty Wallet

Morty Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet from Morty Eno. Each user will be able to create their own wallet and store/exchange/buy/sell cryptocurrencies. ALSO, each wallet will have an individual earning function: with a minimum balance of 100 morty tokens and purchased morty nft, the user will receive from 2% to 10% of income daily, depending on the characteristics of the purchased NFT in OpenSea.

NFT Collection MortyLand

A customized NFT collection of 10,000 individual non-recurring Mortys will be created in openSea. There will be a Mint NFT before launch, after which the collection will be uploaded to openSea. Each Morty Images in the collection will be completely individual, and will have an individual set of characteristics, on which the mining ability will depend, in MortyWallet.

Auto Burn Morty Inu token

Auto Burn Morty Inu token is an innovative development in the crypto sphere, at the moment Morty Inu is the only token that has an automatic burn function. This function helps to keep the project in good shape, maintain and stabilize the price of the token, which protects our investors from partial/complete loss of income. Due to this feature, Morty Inu easily outperforms its competitors and in the future will become the leader of the Market Cup.
Due to the auto burning feature, you can invest without fear of losing your capital.
The function works like this:
* When buying a token, liquidity is burned, in the amount of 5% of the purchase
* When transferring between people, liquidity is burned, in the amount of 2% of the transfer
Burning takes place in the very liquidity of the pankeyswap, and does not affect the amount of transfers and transfers in any way.

Morty Pay System

Morty PySystem is a decentralized project affiliate program. Service provides the opportunity to integrate an info product for sale. The project also has a referral reward system. Users remain completely anonymous, and all transactions are carried out in the selected crypto-currency.

Club Morty Land in Decentraland.

Our development team will buy land in the decentralized land and create a Morty club for our investors at the place of purchase. In which the main investors of our project can gather to buy NFT collections, and stand out with the best investors of our project.

Info Block Token Morty Ino

Morty Inu Token Burning Mechanism

Burning from each swap from LP


Burning from each transaction from LP


Liquidity of Pancakeswap

80 Million Token Morty Inu


Road Map Phase 1

Part 1
Creation of a smart contract meme Token Morty Inu, with the function of auto-burning
Part 2
Launch of Morty Inu's main website.
Part 3
Listing 8% percent of tokens on Pancakeswap.
Part 4
Launching a detailed Audit of site functionality.
Part 5
Launch of social pages for Morty Inu.

Road Map Phase 2

Part 6
Blocking of LP liquidity of Morty Inu Token.
Part 7
Launch of AirDrop, a free distribution of Morty Inu tokens through a telegram bot. !!! Numbers are limited!!!
Part 8
Distinguishing the token on popular voting sites.
Part 9
Launching a large-scale Marketing Company.
Part 10
Listing of Morty Inu token in CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko.

Road Map Phase 3

Part 11
Morty Land NFT Collection Officially Launched at OpenSea
Part 12
Launch of a centralized wallet, Morty Wallet. With Morty Inu daily farming features.
Part 13
Launch of decentralized Dapp application Morty Swap.
Part 14
Launching a mobile application for android and ios
Part 15
Launch of the Morty Wallet extension for Chrome and Mozilla browsers.

Road Map Phase 4

Part 16
Launching a decentralized Dapp application Morty PySystem
Part 17
Buying land in Decentralized, and creating the Morty Land NFT collection for the best investors.
Part 18
Token icon update in Trust Wallet after reaching over 5k asset holders.
Part 19
Launch of Mint's unique and inimitable 10,000th Morty Land collection.

Road Map Phase 5

Part 20
SafemoonSwap Listing 2%: 20,000,000 Morty Inu
Part 21
hotbit.io Listing 2% 20,000,000 Morty Inu

Road Map Phase 6 Coming Soon...


The application will be available on the app store and play market.

Our team will launch its own decentralized mobile application for both ios and android. In this application, you can store your crypto savings without fear for their safety. Also in our application you can receive daily interest income, bought NFT Morty Land.


Instruction Morty Inu

Instructions for purchasing the Meme token Morty Inu



You need to Register in the MetaMask decentralized wallet, then go to the PancakeSwap website and connect to it through the MetaMask you created, Then on the page that appears, you will need to select a bnb token for the exchange, and a Morty Inu token. Then you can exchange BNB Tokens for Morty Inu Tokens.



You need to register in the decentralized TrustWallet wallet, then download the Trustwallet decentralized browser and go to it, after that you need to take the PancakeSwaplink and paste it into Trust Wallet, then on the page that opens in the Trustwallet browser, Then on the page that appears, you will need to select a bnb token for the exchange, and a Morty Inu token. Then you can exchange BNB Tokens for Morty Inu Tokens.



Liquidity is blocked on PancakeSwap itself, so you can not be afraid to invest and transfer tokens in our project, because for your confidence we have blocked liquidity, thereby depriving ourselves of the opportunity to withdraw money from liquidity.



This function, a novelty in the crypto world of liquidity, at the moment it is a one-of-a-kind system that is an individual feature of Morty Inu, this function burns part of the liquidity with each transaction, which does not affect the purchased / sent in any way, but helps to maintain and stabilize the value of the token, which contributes to stronger growth, and protects our investors from loss of funds. This feature will help the token rise to the top of the MarketCap.


Distribution of MORTY INU

  • Name:MORTY INU
  • Token Symbol:MRT2
Total Supply:1 Billion
Market Cap:$ 18,208
Listing Price$ 0.14
  • Token launch time:2022-09-12
  • Smart Contract:0x61b1f9ebc0c29b9c24b0d9f7db4ac9508b12c789
  • Pancakeswap Listing 8% :80,000,000 Morty Inu
  • SafemoonSwap Listing 2%:20,000,000 Morty Inu
  • Morty Wallet liquidity 10%:100,000,000 Morty Inu
  • hotbit.io Listing 2%20,000,000 Morty Inu
  • Development and marketing 2%:20,000,000 Morty Inu
  • Big burn 10% :100,000,000 Morty Inu
  • For further listings 66% :660,000,000 Morty Inu
  • 8% Pancakeswap Listing:
  • 2% SafemoonSwap Listing:
  • 10% Morty Wallet liquidity:
  • 2% hotbit.io Listing:
  • 2% Development and marketing:
  • 10% Big burn:
  • 66% For further listings:




Questions and answers

For this you need:
* Download the decentralized application MetaMask/TrustWallet/In the future MortyWallet
!!! It is important not to trust anyone with your secret phrases, so as not to lose your savings!!!
* Copy pankeSwap link, go to TrustWallet browser, follow the link and exchange your bnb for Morty tokens.
* With each purchase, liquidity in the amount of 5% of your purchase is burned, but this does not affect the number of your tokens in any way.
* To exchange Tokens back simply swap dependencies in Punk Swap

The developed project implements the autoburn function, which is part of the liquidation during operations with tokens,
* 5% on purchase
*2% when transferring between people
Burning per sum of available tokens does not manifest itself in any way, and is absorbed, only liquidity.
This feature helps the price of tokens rise by reducing coins, which leads to a huge increase in the token, and a huge profit for a chemical disease.

To earn daily income with Morty Wallet you need
register in the wallet, and purchase NFT and Morty Inu. Then, you will be able to receive % income in the form of Morty Tokens. Your income will depend on the attributes of the NFT you purchased, and will be able to reach up to 10% if all conditions are met.

This is a subsidiary decentralized project of Morty Inu, where you can exchange and buy different types of tokens. You will also have the opportunity to create liquidity for newly minted tokens, as well as their subsequent blocking.

This is a Morty Inu token project where users will be able to sell and promote their information products, for bnb or Morty Tokens. Also, the system will be endowed with an affiliate program, through which users could promote other people’s products, and receive a % reward for this.

In Decentralized, our team will create a club of investors and owners of Morty NFT to popularize the token and introduce it to large crypto circles, which will contribute to the active growth of the token and the earnings of our investors.

Morty Token is an innovative meme token that is designed for the so-called overthrow of power in the crypto world. Our development team is very respectful of every investor, to build trust, Morty Inu’s liquidity is initially locked, you can check this in PooCoin. With this gesture, we want to show that we are not going to scam our dear investors, and we are doing everything so that the capital of our investors only increases.

Dear friends, today the MORTY INU team plans to launch a huge airdrop to increase holders and the total mass of tokens, after the end of the air drop, the token will have a professional audit, we will enter the coinMarket cap, which will ensure a huge hourly growth of the token, and selling our tokens at the stage Listing in CoinMaruketCap, you can earn many times more. Every dollar invested will return 100)

Morty 2.0 is a modern day token, and the initial listing on the pancake exchange will be much higher than Morty at its peak, hence the price per token will be 0.14$ for 1 token, and liquidity will be locked up for 100 years for investor confidence. Also, version 2 is more advanced and equipped with a modern protection system, to completely minimize hacker attacks on our token, our team is working at the peak of its capabilities, and we really hope for your responsiveness).


Social Networks

Team Morty

In this section, contacts of our team.

The Project President

Blockchain developer and founder of the MORTY INU.


Backend developer. Developer of the main website and other branches of the ecosystem.

Marketing and Advertising

MORTY INU Marketer. Responsible for aggressive social media marketing.

Project Designer

Morti Inu project designer. Responsible for the quality of graphic and video objects.

News the Morty Inu ecosystem

News Coming soon...

General Partners


Morty Inu Token Burn – Morty Inu is an innovative new generation meme token, equipped so far with the only Auto Burn function in the world.

The function burns % of liquidity, which contributes to the active growth of the price, which makes the token inaccessible to other tokens.